Sweden again took first place in the Nordic Photo Competition for Seafarers

The 2023 version of the Nordic Photo Competition for Seafarers was held in Stockholm, Sweden in a maritime setting, on the museum ship Sankt Erik (built in 1915).

This year's winning image was taken by the Swedish ship's cook, Jörgen Språng, and is a classic black and white photo taken while the ship is in dock.

Throughout the year, the national organizers of the seafarer photo competition (in Denmark SEA HEALTH & WELFARE) receive photos from seafarers on board Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Icelandic ships. Once the national competitions have been held, the 15 best images from each country go on to the Nordic Seafarers' Photo Competition.

In 2023 130 seafarers submitted a total of 808 photos.

The Nordic competition is organized alternately in the Nordic countries. The organizing country provides competent judges, and this year they were Anneli Karlsson, photographer, Samlingsenheten Sjöhistoriska Museet, and Mikael Dunker, communications officer at the wreck museum Vrak.

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Winner of The Nordic Photo Competition for Seafarers 2022
Photographer: Cook Jörgen Språng, MT BITFLOWER, Sweden
Title: ”100% Humidity”

Jury statement: Classic black and white image. Quiet in the moment. A great composition that leaves nothing to chance!

A gift  worth 5.000 DKK sponsored by Ulykkesforsikringsforbundet for Dansk Søfart, Denmark

2nd place
Photographer: Cook Jörgen Språng, MT BITFLOWER, Sweden
Title: "Standby"

Jury statement: For the feeling and presence that the image conveys. The focus is right and as a viewer, we are invited into the moment.

Photo equipment worth 5.000 NOK sponsored by Sjøfartsdirektoratet, Norway

3rd place
Photographer: Cook Jörgen Språng, MT BITFLOWER, Sweden
Title: "Frame Bearings"

Jury statement: The man's focus in the rough, tough environment draws the eye. The composition, sharpness, and contrast are perfect!

Photo equipment worth 5.000 SEK. sponsored by Sjöfartstidningen, Sverige

4th place
Photographer: 2nd Officer Håkon Sunde, NORMAND FRONTIER, Norway

Jury statement: An image that allows itself to be examined for a long time. The workers radiate calm, but to the viewer, the environment looks dangerous and dramatic. Despite a "messy" motif, the technique is sound.

 Photo equipment worth 450  sponsored af  Vinnslutöðin hf. (VSV), Westmann Islands. Iceland 

5th place
Photographer: Lods Rune Larsen, Norway
Title: "The tanker MARIE S passes the beautiful Torungen Lighthouse outbound from Arendal"

Jury statement: Two images are united in an obvious composition where structure and nature meet in harmony. Great colour tone!

Photo equipment worth 300 € sponsored by Finnlines

Honourable mention
Photographer: EE Jmaurr Go, TORM SINGAPORE, Denmark
Title: "The Waiting Game"

Jury statement: Beautiful colors in a nice composition, and we wonder what he is doing - is he thinking, scratching his beard, or talking on the phone with someone at home?


Honourable mention
Photographer: O.S. Hlynur Ágústsson, ÞÓRUNN SVEINDÓTTIR VE, Iceland
Title: "Come here"
Jury statement: You can smell the fish and the hand with the tattoo is really cool. It could have benefited from more contrast and more work with sharpness and blurring. It can get a little messy.

Honourable mention
Photographer: Overstyrmand Ole Jørgen Nygård Pedersen, FRIDA KNUTSEN, Norway
Title: "A grey morning"

Jury statement: Has a mood that strikes a very nice tone and a message about a green future, which you may not see immediately. This combined with a good balance and composition gives it an honourable mention.

Honourable mention
Photographer: A.B. Davíð Már Sigurðsson, DRANGEY SK, Iceland
Titel: "The Ship"
Title: "Sea of heaven"

Jury statement: How was it taken? Did they send up a drone with a fish-eye lens? Either way, it's a very cool image that demands something from the viewer.

Honourable mention
Photographer: Steward Rasmus Kristenson, MS ORIGO, Sweden
Title: "Bear"

Jury statement: What a cool moment! The look says "who's visiting my territory?". It makes you happy when you see it. Perfect sharpness in this fine snapshot that still manages to capture the frost in the bear's eyelashes.