Photo Competition for Seafarers 2023

50 photographers participated with 283 pictures in the 2023 photo competition

We received a total of 283 photos from 50 photographers (2022: 336 images from 50 photographers).

The judges of the competition were Kim Eggers, chief mate in Royal Arctic Line, teacher in photography Jens Kostrup, and photographer Olle Thorup.

This year, the judges had to find winners in the 4 categories: Photo of the Year, Nature, The Maritime Environment, and Life on Board, as well as find the "Joker" the "photo that, in the judges’ opinion, stands out”.

The judges were positive about the new way of awarding the winning photos and stated that "the new way of deciding the photo competition makes good sense". In addition, the judges had this to say about this year's photos:

"Once again this year, there were many great photos, and it has been exciting and challenging to choose the winners. We have considered the graphic design and composition, and at the same time, we wanted to find photos that tell a story."

Many of the photos could be placed in several of the new categories, so we had a good discussion about where to place the winners. 

The motifs are again this year very different and range from the concrete/realistic, describing the daily work at sea to abstract images with artistic and imaginative expressions."

We thank you so much for all the great pictures.

We hope that many seafarers will want to participate in the 2024 competition, you can already send pictures to us.
Check out the rules for more info.

The prize for Photo of the Year is a gift worth DKK 4.000 sponsored by The Danish Maritime Fund. 

We share all photos with the foundation which uses the photos on their website and other social media.

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Photo of the Year in The Danish Photo Competition for Seafarers 2023
Photographer: Chief Officer Kennet Vinter Kristensen, EUGEN MÆRSK

Title: "Home Alone"

An example of an image that invites the viewer into a place where few "ordinary" people have been or will have the opportunity to go. 
The image shows the proportions of the container load. 
Note the two happy people alone at home in the empty cargo space in the lower part of the image. 
The image is of very high technical quality.

Prize: A gift worth DKK 4,000 sponsored by Den Danske Maritime Fond (The Danish Maritime Fund)

Life on Board
Photographer: Electro-technical officer, Jmaurr Go, TORM SINGAPORE

Title: "The Waiting Game"

A big part of the sailor's world is waiting. Waiting to get out, waiting to get home, waiting... The image expresses this.
The strength of the image lies, among other things, in the fact that it breaks with the traditional perception of image structure, left/right orientation. 

Prize: A gift worth DKK 1,000 

Title: "The Sun rises over Saqqaq"

Photographer: Chief engineer Rune Pedersen, MALERAQ ARCTICA

The modern world meets eternal nature.
A calm image in perilous waters. It's a beautiful and dangerous place.

We've seen drone images we could do without before, but in this photo, the use of the drone comes into its own.

Prize: A gift worth DKK 1,000  


The Maritime Environment
Title: "Winter Morning at Skagen"

Photographer: Pilot, Gert Bjerre, DanPilot

Image of the pilot disembarking from the ship. The pilot disembarked. Some of his gear is waiting to be lowered down the pilot ladder. We are heading out of inland waters. A colorful image that gives us a clear sense of excitement. The image clearly shows organization and control, and it gives a clear sense of time, a "before and after".
The photographer tells us that the picture is taken while the ship rocks at anchor off Santos in Brazil.

Prize: A gift worth DKK 1,000  

"The Joker" - the photo that stands out
The title: "Onion Art"

Photographer: AB Anders Emil Busch Bluhm, Student

The cook has had time to spare and picked a pattern reminiscent of Africa.

The image fits perfectly into the category "An image that stands out". Onion picking has become an art.

Prize : A gift worth DKK 500