Photo competition for seafarers

Every year, you and your colleagues, employed in the Danish merchant fleet, can participate in the photo competition for seafarers. First to fifth place wins a gift card for an optional store – and you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take part in the competition.

About the Photo Competition for Seafarers

Every year we receive more than 300 beautiful, fun, quirky, and amazing pictures from seafarers describing life at sea. It can be beautiful sunsets, wild weather, whales and penguins or portraits and pictures of the life on board a ship. The top 5 pictures get a gift card, and they also participate in the Nordic Photo Competition for Seafarers, which is held in collaboration with Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. You can find the rules for participation further down this page.

Rules for participating

All seafarers onboard Danish ships can participate.

Max 15 pictures per person per year.

The pictures shall not be older than two years.

The pictures must be submitted in the best possible resolution preferably 2MB or more.

The photos should describe the maritime environment – on board or on land, showing work or leisure.

The pictures may be published on the photographer’s own social media but may not have been submitted to other competitions or published in in commercial context prior to the competition’s decision.

We need the following information:
Where the picture was taken
The photographer’s contact data, position on board and the last vessel he/she was working on.

The photographer takes full responsibility for that any recognizable person on the pictures have approved to publishing the picture.

Contestants may only participate with pictures, to which they own the copyrights. The copyright holder is the same as the person pushing the shutter release button.

By participating, you agree that the national organizer handles your data according to GDPR*

When submitting pictures to the photo competition you authorize SHW to publish your photos, free of charge, in original or edited version, in SHW’s own media, printed as well as electronic, and what SHW shares your images with affiliates.

Send your pictures to

  • The photo competition for seafarers show pictures of aspects of life – work and leisure time – submitted by anyone who is an active part of Blue Denmark
  • The pictures are selected based on: composition, motif, storytelling, and technique
  • The pictures are selected based on the above – no account is taken of any performers’ behavior in e.g. dealing with security measures.


*The General Data Protection Regulation which applies throughout the EU and its purpose is to create a uniform and harmonized level for the protection of personal data.