Photo competition for seafarers


About the Photo Competition for Seafarers

Every year we receive many beautiful, fun, quirky, and amazing photos describing life at sea. It can be beautiful sunsets, wild weather, whales and penguins or portraits and pictures of life on board a ship. You can also participate and send photos to the competition. To honor more of the good photos, from 2023 we change how we award prizes in the Seafarers’ Photo Competition.

 Going forward we will award winners in three categories and a special photo. 

  • Nature (Storms, sun and clouds, sea, animals, and birds)
  • The maritime environment (The ship, the port, wind turbines, etc.)
  • Life on board (Both leisure and working time). 

One winner will be selected in each category, and the final winner will be chosen from among them. 

You are welcome to write which category your photo belongs to when you send it to us, but the judges make the final decision. 

The prizes are:

DKK 4,000 to the overall winner of the Danish Photo Competition for Seafarers.
DKK 1,000 to the winner of the Nature category.
DKK 1,000 to the winner of the Maritime Environment category.
DKK 1,000 to the winner of the Life on board category.
DKK 500 for a photo that stands out in the judges' opinion. 

The winning photos will enter the Nordic Photo Competition for Seafarers, which is held in collaboration with Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Rules for participating

  • All seafarers onboard Danish ships can participate.
  • Max 15 pictures per person per year.
  • The pictures shall not be older than two years.
  • The pictures must be submitted in the best possible resolution preferably 1MB or more.
  • The pictures may be published on the photographer’s own social media but may not have been submitted to other competitions or published in in commercial context prior to the ending of the competition.

How to participate

Send your photos to with the following information:

  • Title of the photo.
  • Where the picture was taken.
  • Your name.
  • Your job/your title.
  • The ship that you are signed on.

Tips regarding your photos

Pay attention to the subject's focus, colors, depth, foreground, and background.

People are very welcome in photos, but photographed before submitting it to the competition you should make sure that they accept that the photo can be seen on and our social media. 

What you can edit:

  • Straighten your horizon if it's crooked.
  • It's okay to change the colors a bit.
  • You can crop your image. 

What you can't edit:

  • Panoramic photos are discarded; use a "regular" format.
  • Submitted photos must be without text or tags printed on the photos.
  • Do not copy new elements into your photo.

Please note that the safety rules of the shipping company must always be respected, even when taking photos.

The small print

By submitting photos to the competition, the photographer agrees that identifiable persons have agreed that the photo is a part of a competition and will be made public on our webpage for as long as the competition exists.

Contestants may only participate with photos to which they own the copyrights. The copyright holder is the same as the person pushing the shutter release button.

When submitting photos to the photo competition you permit SHW to publish your photos, free of charge, in original or cropped version, in SHW’s own media, printed as well as electronic, and that SHW shares your images with our collaborators.

When participating, you can be sure that SHW handles your data according to GDPR*

  • The photo competition for seafarers shows pictures of aspects of life – work and leisure time – submitted by anyone who is an active part of Blue Denmark
  • The pictures are selected based on: composition, motif, storytelling, and technique
  • The pictures are selected based on the above – no account is taken of any performers’ behavior in e.g., dealing with security measures.

If you have questions or if you want to send us your photos use the email

*The General Data Protection Regulation which applies throughout the EU and its purpose is to create a uniform and harmonized level for the protection of personal data.