Photo competition FOR Seafarers 2020

The Photo Competitions for Seafarers are now settled and again this year many seafarers on board the Danish ships have participated with exciting and interesting photos. 46 seafarers have sent 221 pictures to the traditional competition that has existed since 1951. The winning pictures were chosen by Kim Eggers chief officer in Royal Arctic Line, photo teacher Jens Kostrup and photographer Olle Thorup.

The judges had this comment to the pictures of 2020:
“Another year with many good photographs, and we enjoyed selecting the winners. Yet again it was difficult to find a winner. The choice of motif is getting broader year by year, there are motifs that we see every year, but it is with great joy that we see the photographers find new ways of portraying their life at sea. Exciting compositions, color schemes and sides of life at sea that we haven’t seen before”.

“To be the manager of the photo competition is a lovely task. It is always a joy to receive the many exciting, fun, and beautiful pictures from the seafarers around the world, and to get to share them with other seafarers and everyone on land. We are happy that the seafarers support the competition and that we get this insight in their life at sea”. – Irene Olsen, manager of the photo competition.

Der er prizes for  1st to 5th place. 1. prize is a gift card of 5.000 DKK sponsorered by The Danish Maritime Fund, 2nd place gets a gift card of 1.000 DKK, and for 3rd to 5th place there is a gift card of 500 kr.


Vinner of the Danish photo competition 2020: 

Title: "IVALO ARCTICA on its way into the Kangerlussuaq fjord"
Skibsfører  Jóan Jákup Torbjarnarson, IVALO ARCTICA

The photo has a high photo technical quality with great sharpness and beautiful colors. The amazing light must come from the reflection of the ice sheet in the bottom of the fjord. The composition is very classic, with reflections, lines, foreground, and background.

Gift card of  5.000 DKK,  sponsorered byt The Danish Maritime Fund 

2nd place:

The judges title: "Fairlead"
Chief engineer Jim Andersen, SVITZER

A shiny and polished fairlead. Not polished by the OS but probably polished by the wire during daily use. The photo shows work onboard two ships. Are they working together?

The photographer’s own title is “FRIGGA on her way to Lysekil.

 Gift card of  1.000 DKK

3rd place:

Title: "The sun never rises"
Overstyrmand: Lars M. Bentzen, MARY ARCTICA

Despite the crooked lines and the broken display the photo calls to your attention. It differs from the others since there is no ship, now view, and no seafarers shown. Where are we?The photographer’s own title is “Smart machine”.
(From the editor: On the display it says “solen står aldrig op”, which means “the sun never rises”).

 Gift card of 500 DKK 

4th place:

The judges title: "The sea"
Chief cook: Sebastian Wnuk, ESVAGT CASSIOPEIA

At last a photo of the sea as you can also see it. You see the brushstrokes we are close to a painting. Simple and beautiful.

Gift  card of 500 DKK

5th place:

The judges title: "Off watch"
2. styrmand Fevin Victor Antony Thatheu, METTE MÆRSK

A picture of welfare at sea. A tight composition and sharp and bright colors. The contrast between the color of the deck contra the pool adds tension to the picture.

Gift card of 500 DKK 


Honorable mention 2020

Chief officer Kennet Vinter Kristensen, EDITH MÆRSK
The judges title: "Zeppelin"

The judges had a long discussion on how the photo was taken it is confusing in a fun way. It teases the curiosity.
The photographer’s own title: “Stop”

Honorable mention 2020

OS Steven Jan Espanola, DAN SABIA
The judges' title: "Dragon's breath"

Fun and humorous. The photo plays with perspective and lines.

Honorable mentioin 2020

Ankur Shukla, METTE MÆRSK
The judges' title: "The sun aft"

This photo made the judges happy, and they think to know that the photographer also had a nice time.