High Rise


The film must be destroyed no later than August 2017

High Rise

In 1975 London, in an area soon to become the world's largest financial hub, stands a slick apartment tower overlooking the Thames. It is simply called the High Rise. Its newest resident, Robert Laing, an ambitious young doctor is utterly seduced by the lifestyle and cutting-edge technology the High-Rise has to offer. Then he meets Wilder, a charismatic provocateur who introduces him to the seedy underbelly of the High-Rise. The cracks in this apparently flawless society grow rapidly and his life quickly descends into madness as Laing finds himself amongst the marauding hordes of lethal tenants who take over the building, floor by floor.



Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller

Playing around 119 minutes
Production year 2015